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Nathan & Ida is the latest collaboration between Nathan Grassi and Ida Berglöw Kenneway. They have been working together for nearly a decade. They are both members of Oxford-based group The Dead Secrets: adventurers in award-winning sketch and improvised comedy, who have toured around the UK. 

Australian-born Nathan is a co-founder and Producer of Troika Theatre: a theatre company committed to producing vibrant, memorable and entertaining theatre across the UK and internationally, focussing on modern classic texts. Nathan has a background in physical theatre, cabaret and clowning. Originally from Sweden, Ida is the Creative Director of actREAL: a company delivering academic research on social issues into the community by using theatre and performance to bring it to life. Ida devises and executes workshops and rehearsals as well as developing the practical material based on academic research.

Together, they have performed in and directed traditional theatre (both drama and comedy), have been roving entertainers at public events, re-imagined existing texts using their style of physical comedy and delivered theatre, comedy and circus workshops for children and young people.

Nathan & Ida’s Hot Dog Stand & Tropez! are their latest pieces of work, using the pairs particular brand of irreverent storytelling and chemistry to create and devise bold comedy theatre based on the personal stories from people all over the world.

Nathan & Ida are available to book for performances, improvised shows, or roving entertainment. Just get in touch


Photography by Dom Burke

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