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"If there’s a secret ingredient to the success of Nathan and Ida’s Hot Dog stand, it’s skill. Plus a cracking script, superb story-telling and performances that are full of heart."

"...extremely talented…I look forward to what they will bring next"

"This show is a real gem in this year's Fringe TheatreFest."

Nathan talks about the joys of Prague Fringe! (Note: this article is in Czech) 

***** "Tropez had every single ingredient to make this one of the most exciting gems of the fringe.”  

"...charismatic clowns; engaging to watch and gloriously silly...” 

***** "...engaging and intimate…it has everything you want from comedy...” 

"Tropez! comedy gold - an ode to the art of clowning, satirical script writing and minimal props with maximum effect."

"Swindon Fringe Festival's top performers will return with new comedy show” 

"Members of the University share details of their interests outside their working lives” 

"The best word to describe it is “fun”…It’s got comedy; it’s got charm…” 

London, Camden Fringe

***** "I'm in awe of how brilliantly executed the entire thing is."

Islington Gazette

London, Camden Fringe

Preview: "The Hen & Chickens Theatre hosts a double-award winning comedy show as part of Camden Fringe this week."

Buxton, UK

"Nathan & Ida was a breath of fresh air."

Buxton, UK

"These two talented actors take on a multiplicity of roles to tell the story"

Prague, Czech Republic

"These performers have it all - charm, talent, timing and guts. You gotta admire their moxie! I loved it. The audience loved it." 

Oxford, UK

Preview: New fast food drama on American  Dream. Katherine Macalister talks hot dogs with the other Nathan and Ida. "It was fate really".

Oxford, UK

"..this punchy production packs a lifetime’s worth of love, laughter and hilarious incidents into sixty minutes...This show left me with a warm glow inside, a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye."

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