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                            Photo by Joseph Berglöw Kenneway

TEMPUS FUGIT is the story of two little wooden figures who live in an enchanted cuckoo clock. One of them dreams of breaking free, while the other is committed to repeating the same whimsical dance day in and day out, all under the watchful eye of the ever-present, mysterious and terrifying Cuckoo. Fast-paced, physical and unexpected, Nathan & Ida present a dark comedy about time, repetition and discovering what’s “out there”.

This is Nathan & Ida's newest show and debuted at Offbeat 2021. 

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​"50 minutes of playful and charming talent with amazing attention to detail and intricacy!"

- Buxton Festival Fringe

"Hilarious, poignant capers."

"Unique, delightful, hilarious."

"Original, entertaining, funny."

"Cute and sad."


"Das Beste der Jahre."

"Amazing, brilliant, lovely."

"Fabulous waffle-chat."

"Barmy, zany, brilliant.""

"Super! Lovely! Wonderful!"

"Charming, inventive, quirky."

"Inventive, brilliant, clever and VERY funny!"

– Audience members, Offbeat Oxford 2021

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