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                                        Photo by Hannah Wilmshurst

In chic Saint-Tropez a cat-burglar and a gigolo, as different as cointreau and campari, have been chewed up and spat out by the very society they desperately want to join.  Now they are taking aim at the top of St-Trop! Among jet-setters and glitterati these underdogs plan to pull off the biggest jewel heist in history. This fast-paced comedy cocktail by award-winning duo Nathan & Ida shakes together a host of outrageous characters, comedy and adventure. Stirring in a touching tale of friendship, and hints of passion, the audience will be transported to the glittering French Riviera.

50 minutes. Ages 12+


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"The show is comedy gold - an ode to the art of clowning, satirical script writing and minimal props with maximum effect."
- Swindon Link

"...charismatic clowns; engaging to watch and gloriously silly..."
- The Reviews Hub

"Wonderfully written, acted."

"Fab, fab, fab."

"Funny, fabulous & fun."

"Exotic, witty and wonderful."

"Proper good clowning."

"Classic perfect duo."

"Superbly, outrageously hysterical."

"Amazing, brilliant, talented."

"I cried laughing."

"Slick as hell."

"Formidable & bloody hilarious."

"Energetic, clever, hysterical."

"Clever, funny, brilliant."

"Brilliant! Bon comedy."

– Audience members, Swindon Fringe Festival 2019

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